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Clemens Bomsdorf. Copenhagen
Clemens Bomsdorf

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1459 Copenhagen, Denmark
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After having covered the Nordic region as a freelance correspondent for approximately ten years Clemens Bomsdorf became Reporter for The Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones.

While earlier contributing to German and British media as art, The Art Newspaper, Financial Times Deutschland, Focus and Die Welt he now writes for the largest North American paper and the international news agency, which nowadays are both part of the same media group.

As a correspondent he covers Denmark including Greenland and the Faroe Islands. He also continues to report on Icelandic affairs and from time to time also on the other Nordic countries.Since The Wall Street Journal is everything else than a pure business paper Clemens Bomsdorf writes about political and cultural affairs in the region, too.

He interviews the new heads of government in Greenland and Iceland as well as the Danish dealers of Ai Wei Wei to name only some of his articles.

Clemens Bomsdorf, born 1976 in Cologne, Germany, attended the journalism school and the university in his hometown and got a MSc. degree from Stockholm School of Economics / Handelshögskolan i Stockholm. He is member of Weltreporter since its founding year 2004.

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